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13 New Ways To Display All The Photos You’ve Been Hiding And Hoarding


If you’re like most people, there’s a pretty good chance that your photos are in one of three places: on your phone or computer, still stuck on your camera or shoved somewhere in a scrapbook that you probably haven’t even opened in at least a decade. But, if we had to guess, you didn’t take those photos only to have them never see the light of day (or haplessly end up in an “album” on Facebook). Here are over a dozen really creative ways to give your pics the attention they deserve:



Basic Macrame Knots: A Free Tutorial by Dottie Hoeschen

Just started learning a bit of Macrame while I’m in North Spain where materials are cheap & all over the Chinese shops. I recommend this shops too for cheap beads, cord, wool, & more jewellery making bits



Create simple handmade greeting cards

Have you ever wanted to make your own greeting cards to give your friends & family on that special day?

Handmade cards are so much more special, & I found that people really appreciate the fact that you took the time & all your crafty resourcefulness to create a unique greeting card for them!










Here it is, how to make a very simple greeting card to use for all sorts of occasions!

Source: www.madiganmade.com

Soaking in Knowledge

Modelling today for my friend Tom Robson, who is a photographer & got a brilliant blog here.
Follow him for more original photos

Craft Fair & Table top Sale

Craft Fair at Soar Valley Music centre in Leicester, Saturday the 20th April from 11am