Handmade Jewellery & Cards


I have been involved in making crafts as far as I can remember. At the moment I`m concentrating in making cards, & Silver/copper/brass jewellery.
I work as well with Fimo, Clay, Resin, M seal, Dough craft, & I make cards & Jewellery to order.

Enamelled Silver earcuff & Textured Copper earcuff

I have been attending College in Leicester, where I currently live, for a few years now. I use the College studio for enamelling, & to make most of my Silver/copper/brass Jewellery.
I design & make the rest of my Jewellery in my little studio at home, as well as all my Greeting Cards.
Everything I make is Handcrafted.


Birthday Card

Birthday card made out of orange card (7,6 x 20,3cm), mirrored paper, silver peel-off & holographic paper shapes


I was born in Asturias, Spain, & left my country in 1997. Back there, I was working with clay & dough craft.

I`ve been mainly living  in England, but I`ve been to India for a year; where I discovered M-seal; Portugal, Ireland, France, Berlin…Living in Brighton, I got interested in Fimo & working with recycled materials.
Now I live in Leicester, where I have been more involved in silver, brass & copper jewellery making, handcrafted cards & Resin.

I love music, cinema, traveling, crafts, reading & writing. Playing piano, swimming, riding my bike everywhere, & great conversations.

Cosmic Crafts Facebook Page


2 responses

  1. Nichola Jones

    Looking goodxx

    March 24, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    • Thank you, darling! I`m slowly loading stuff, & finding out how to use this Blog. It`s a first for me!

      March 24, 2011 at 6:42 pm

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