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Basic Techniques Photos for Learning Crocheting

And another snippet of crotchet for beginners:



Learn How To Crochet: First Step – How to Make a Starting Chain – Step-by-Step Photos

stchA lot of you have asked me how to crotchet since I started myself. Here is how to start:

1-How to Make a Starting Chain


New Stock for Sale…

I have made a lot of stock lately  & it`s all for sale!

I have been trying to get into a routine where I set out a few hours a week just to make cards. I have applied to participate in an Open House at Embrace Arts, in Leicester on saturday 30th of June, & hopefully I will get a little stall to show my crafts.

I will mainly be selling cards, but I will bring some of my old M-Seal & Dough Craft jewellery as well.

These are three cards I`m selling from my stock. If anybody is interested, please let me know here or send me a PM    in my facebook cosmic crafts page.

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LASS Craft Group

This is a craft group I will be running at my work place in Leicester with my work colleague Rhoda:


The therapeutic effects of arts and craft work is known to provide people with opportunities to relax, to feel a sense of accomplishment, to discover pride, to improve fine-motor skills, to develop a meaningful life-long hobby, to maintain an alert mind and so much more.

This is why we’re stating a craft group, and it’s open to anyone who is affected by HIV and would like to teach, or learn new craft skills such as knitting, paper crafts, jewellery making, sewing and crocheting.

We hope our crafts group will allow you to practice a number of skills while building self-esteem in completing projects and socialising with our staff, volunteers and individuals who use our services.

Our first session is this Wednesday, 18th April 2012 from 17:30 – 19:00.  We invite you to bring your crafting projects to show off to the group but don’t worry if you don’t have any as you’ll have the chance to get creative at the group. – We can’t wait to see what you create!

For more information, please contact Rhoda on 0116 2559995

Link to LASS Blog Post: http://blog.lass.org.uk/2012/04/16/lass-craft-group/

The face of the sun…

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of pale pink card (12,7 x 17,8cm), with metal sun embellishment, patterned paper, Holographic paper; & gold & glitter-gold peel-offs

This is one of the cards I sold a little while ago.

I have around 7 cards on stock at the moment, please let me know if you`re interested in any of these designs, or if you would like to see photos of my new card stock.

A good week!

I have not been posting as much as I would have liked, but there`s a good reason for it: I have been selling quite a few cards the last couple of months! & last week has been my best, having sold 4 cards out of my stock as well as taking a couple of orders for a birthday card & a Best wishes card for a work colleague & friend that is sadly leaving us this week.

I will be posting them here very soon.

So, I have been making cards like crazy…more people have seen my designs & would like to buy some more, & I`ve been thinking about setting myself at least a day a week where I am free for a few hours to make cards regularly & build a stock. There`re loads of Spring Craft Fairs coming & I want to be ready!

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of pale green card (12,7 x 17,8cm), with Pink Flower bag embellishment, Black card, Indian Handcrafted paper made using recycled cloth & Silver Butterfly peel-offs

These are a couple of Birthday Cards I made in January, the people I made them for have an affinity for butterflies, so I found some lovely butterfly peel offs to use on them.

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of pale pink card (12,7 x 17,8cm), with Pink Flower bag embellishment, glitter-gray paper, Indian Handcrafted paper made using recycled cloth; & gold, glitter-gold & Silver Butterfly peel-offs