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Create simple handmade greeting cards

Have you ever wanted to make your own greeting cards to give your friends & family on that special day?

Handmade cards are so much more special, & I found that people really appreciate the fact that you took the time & all your crafty resourcefulness to create a unique greeting card for them!










Here it is, how to make a very simple greeting card to use for all sorts of occasions!

Source: www.madiganmade.com

New Stock for Sale…

I have made a lot of stock lately  & it`s all for sale!

I have been trying to get into a routine where I set out a few hours a week just to make cards. I have applied to participate in an Open House at Embrace Arts, in Leicester on saturday 30th of June, & hopefully I will get a little stall to show my crafts.

I will mainly be selling cards, but I will bring some of my old M-Seal & Dough Craft jewellery as well.

These are three cards I`m selling from my stock. If anybody is interested, please let me know here or send me a PM    in my facebook cosmic crafts page.

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The face of the sun…

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of pale pink card (12,7 x 17,8cm), with metal sun embellishment, patterned paper, Holographic paper; & gold & glitter-gold peel-offs

This is one of the cards I sold a little while ago.

I have around 7 cards on stock at the moment, please let me know if you`re interested in any of these designs, or if you would like to see photos of my new card stock.

A good week!

I have not been posting as much as I would have liked, but there`s a good reason for it: I have been selling quite a few cards the last couple of months! & last week has been my best, having sold 4 cards out of my stock as well as taking a couple of orders for a birthday card & a Best wishes card for a work colleague & friend that is sadly leaving us this week.

I will be posting them here very soon.

So, I have been making cards like crazy…more people have seen my designs & would like to buy some more, & I`ve been thinking about setting myself at least a day a week where I am free for a few hours to make cards regularly & build a stock. There`re loads of Spring Craft Fairs coming & I want to be ready!

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of pale green card (12,7 x 17,8cm), with Pink Flower bag embellishment, Black card, Indian Handcrafted paper made using recycled cloth & Silver Butterfly peel-offs

These are a couple of Birthday Cards I made in January, the people I made them for have an affinity for butterflies, so I found some lovely butterfly peel offs to use on them.

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of pale pink card (12,7 x 17,8cm), with Pink Flower bag embellishment, glitter-gray paper, Indian Handcrafted paper made using recycled cloth; & gold, glitter-gold & Silver Butterfly peel-offs

Space, the final frontier…

These are another two cards I made a couple of month`s ago from the “Night Sky” collection, this time in Blue.

I love Moon & Star embellishments…I`m a huge Science Fiction fan, & I`m attracted to anything that has to do with space!

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of Blue card (10,2 x 15,2cm), Holographic paper silver stars encased in a silver cardboard & fine metal wire frame, silver peel-off & Blue beads

I will be posting some cards I have made to sell, but if there`s any design you like, please let me know as I take orders for personalized Greeting Cards.

Remember, if you`re on facebook, there`re a lot of Card designs in my Facebook Cosmic Crafts page….why not take a look & see if anything catches your attention! 

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of Blue card (10,2 x 15,2cm), with silver moon embellishment, Black & Brown card, blue beads & silver peel-off


For Kids Too

I had an order last month to make a card for an 11 year old`s birthday. He loves football, but his mum thought he had enough football cards so she wanted something different.

And this is what I made. A yummy 3D decoupage birthday cake & big letters. They both liked it, which is great news!

Birthday Card for Kids

Birthday Card made out of pale blue card (12,7 x 17,8cm), holographic paper stars, mirrored card, 3d decoupage & silver peel off.

Black is beautiful

Birthday Card

Birthday card made of Black card (10,2 x 15,2cm), silver moon embellishment encased in silver cardboard & fine metal wire, & silver peel-off

The last couple of months seem to have been quite productive. Back at College making loads of jewellery & I even managed to build up a little bit of Card stock.

Here is a card I made for one of my best friends that lives back in Spain. She really loves black (as I do!), so I thought that the card definitely had to be black.

I`m a huge fan of silver moon & star embellishments & I used them here. I love the contrast between silver & black!